Mary Day Mordecai

Mary Day has 20 years of experience as an organization development consultant, leading multi-year transformation projects for many medium-sized and large companies, both domestically and internationally. As a managing partner in Growing Edge Partners, she has specialized in CEO and executive team development and designed the firm’s comprehensive leadership training and culture change process.

In recent years, Mary Day has focused on multi-sectoral social change processes at community, state and global scales. She has developed the practice of hosting the deeper potential of individuals and groups to make unexpected contributions to the greater social good. This has involved a deep study of the roles of place, contemplation and dialogue in unleashing individual and collective creativity.

Mary Day began her career as a journalist before becoming an instructor with Outward Bound, specializing in experiential wilderness courses for executives. Prior to joining Growing Edge Partners, she designed and managed executive development training programs for Boston University School of Management. In addition, Mary Day has significant experience with not-for-profit organizations, both as a trustee and as an organization development consultant.